About us

The woodlands of Den Treek Estate in Leusden are home to our – Jan and Lisanne Oskam’s – dairy farm. Here, we milk about 100 dairy cows and rear an additional 50 young cattle. Surrounding the farm are 45 ha of land we use for grazing cattle, harvesting feed and for growing maize. In addition we have 4 ha of land further away, which is under nature management.

In 2011 we constructed a sustainable free stall barn. This type of housing is most suited to optimal cow comfort. It features:

  • Spacious walkways kept clean by a manure robot
  • Cow brushes and cow mattresses
  • Ammonia reducing floor, weather controlled blinds and an insulated roof that all help to provide a most comfortable stall climate
  • 2 Lely milking robots, milking the cows automatically, whenever they choose.

The electricity we use is partly generated by solar panels installed on the stable roof. We are committed to further reducing our energy use, and are one of the showcase farms in Utrecht Province participating in the project ‘Energy Neutral Dairy Farming’. This is a three-year project in which we aim to become an energy-neutral farm.

We focus on the health of our animals. We breed sustainable cows, that are not pushed to their limits, but produce milk easily and abundantly. Together, they provide us with about 1 million liters of milk a year! This milk is delivered to Royal Bel Leerdammer, the company who makes Leerdammer cheese in their factory in Schoonrewoerd.

Lisanne Oskam

Lisanne Oskam