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  • Internationale groepen

    Als u op bezoek bent in Nederland moet u toch zeker een melkveebedrijf bezocht hebben. Wij bieden aan internationale groepen de mogelijkheid om rondgeleid te worden op ons bedrijf en..

  • Milk Tasting

    A milk tasting as an extension of your tour , but also available as a separate activity. Can you taste the difference between pasture milk , organic milk , whole..

  • Guided tour of a dairy farm

    On our dairy farm we milk 100 dairy cows with two automatic milking systems. An automatic milking system is a robot that automatically milks the cows with little to no intervention..

  • Attending the birth of a calf

    This is a very special outing for everyone who wants to experience the real farm life: attending the birth of a calf. Of course we cannot schedule this but we..

  • Tour Traditional Dairy Farm

    Aside from visiting our farm, there is also the possibility to visit the farm of Hendrik Jan. He has 85 cows in a traditional milking parlor and also raises 25,000..