About us

In the outstretched woods of estate Den Treek in Leusden, Jan and Lisanne Oskam milk about 100 cows and keep another 50 young cattle. Surrounding our dairy farm are 45 ha of land we are using for grazing cattle, fodder harvesting and corn cultivation. In addition we have 4 ha of remote land we are using for nature management. In 2011 we constructed a sustainable cubicle cowshed with much attention for cow comfort like:

  • Spacious walkways with a manure robot that keeps the paths clean
  • Cow brushes and cow mattress systems
  • Ammonia reducing floor, weather controlled stall curtains and an insulated roof that gives a comfortable stall climate
  • 2 Lely milking robots, milking the cows automatically.

The electricity we are using for our company is partly generated with solar panels installed on roof. We are commited to further reduce our energy use, therefore we are one of the examplary companies in the Province Utrecht who are participating in the project “Energy Neutral Dairy Farming”. A 3 year project through which we aim to run our company Energy Neutral.

Within our company we focus on the health of our animals. We breed sustainable cows that do not have to walk on their toes but gives milk easily. We milk about 1 million liters a year. The milk is delivered to Royal Bel Leerdammer, the company who makes Leerdammer cheese of our pasture milk in their factory in Schoonrewoerd.

Lisanne Oskam

Lisanne Oskam